Getting Started

# Getting Started with running SRI - Stratum v2 reference implementation

SRI stack is flexible. It allows you to run a few different configurations. The easiest way to test these configurations is to use the SRI role (opens new window) implementations.

Below are the most commonly used configurations you can run to get started.

# Config 1: SV1 firmware > Translation Proxy > SV2 Pool

This configuration allows mining devices running SV1 firmware to connect to an SV2 Pool through a Translation Proxy (tProxy). The proxy is designed to sit in between a SV1 downstream role (most typically Mining Device(s) running SV1 firmware) and a SV2 upstream role (most typically a SV2 Pool Server).


# 1. Start Pool

The Pool role should be configured to point to the hosted Template Provider. In the pool-config.toml file you should see this: tp_address = "" The default pool-config.toml should have appropriate defaults set up for everything else.

  1. cd roles/v2/pool
  2. Then cargo run -p pool_sv2

If the pool properly starts you should see the following log lines:

2023-02-17T17:58:38.526172Z  INFO pool: Pool INITIALIZING with config: "pool-config.toml"
2023-02-17T17:58:38.560038Z  INFO pool::lib::template_receiver: Connected to template distribution server at
2023-02-17T17:58:38.646853Z  INFO pool::lib::template_receiver::setup_connection: Setup template provider connection success!
2023-02-17T17:58:38.649072Z  INFO pool::lib::job_negotiator: JN INITIALIZED
2023-02-17T17:58:38.688521Z  INFO pool::lib::mining_pool: Starting up pool listener
2023-02-17T17:58:38.688988Z  INFO pool::lib::mining_pool: Listening for encrypted connection on:

# 2. Start Translator

Once the pool is running, let's run the tProxy that will facilitate communication between the pool and a CPU miner.

Within the proxy-config.toml you will be able to specify which pool should a translation proxy connect to. By default, the tProxy will connect to a locally hosted pool (which you deployed in the first step, or default to a hosted Braiins pool in case you didn't). Feel free to switch the pools while testing things out.

If you're interested in learning about information in the configuration file, check this document (opens new window).

  1. Modify proxy.config.toml (optional)
  2. cd roles/translator
  3. cargo run -p translator

If the translator starts properly, you should see the following log lines:

2023-02-17T18:32:16.093603Z  INFO translator: Connected to Upstream!
2023-02-17T18:32:16.265612Z  INFO translator::upstream_sv2::upstream: Up: Successfully Opened Extended Mining Channel
[roles/translator/src/upstream_sv2/] m.extranonce_prefix.len() = 7
2023-02-17T18:32:16.273222Z  INFO translator::upstream_sv2::upstream: Is future job: true

2023-02-17T18:32:16.273327Z  INFO translator::upstream_sv2::upstream: Up: New Extended Mining Job
2023-02-17T18:32:16.273590Z  INFO translator::upstream_sv2::upstream: Up: Set New Prev Hash

# 3. Start SV1 CPU Miner

After starting a pool, and a translation proxy, let’s start a CPU miner. We’ve done tests with CPUMiner.

  1. Download CPUMiner for your OS.
  2. Cd into directory of the downloaded CPUMiner, for example cd Downloads
  3. Then run: ./minerd -a sha256d -o stratum+tcp://localhost:34255 -q -D -P. This will connect to the translator proxy and speak sv1. If this is successful you should see the following output:
[2023-02-17 17:56:48] DEBUG: job_id='1' extranonce2=000000000000 ntime=63efb1c9
[2023-02-17 17:56:48] Stratum requested work restart
[2023-02-17 17:56:51] DEBUG: hash <= target
Hash:   000000008faeb1f1775b84d225dd17e18239ba9b70354493985c3b16ad7647b8
Target: 0000000dfff20000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
[2023-02-17 17:56:51] > {"method": "mining.submit", "params": ["", "1", "000000000000", "63efb1c9", "37f163c0"], "id":4}
[2023-02-17 17:56:51] < {"id":"4","error":null,"result":true}
[2023-02-17 17:56:51] accepted: 1/1 (100.00%), 15886 khash/s (yay!!!)

Eventually, the Translation Proxy log output will show sucessful share, which means you've run the configuration successfully!

2023-02-17T18:12:39.296514Z  INFO translator::proxy::bridge: SHARE MEETS DOWNSTREAM TARGET